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David Kurtz first raced this 1969 B/P Corvette from 1969 to 1972. Kurtz, from Long Island, ran in both S.C.C.A. and IMSA races. In 1969, the car was noted as one of the first to use Firestone racing slicks.

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Ray Anton purchased the Corvette in 1972. Anton replaced the bolt-in roll cage with a welded roll cage and completely rebuilt the car. It was maintained and housed at John Fuller’s Viper Racing in Glastonbury, Connecticut. Other cars housed there included:
  • John Fuller’s ZL-1 A/Production Corvette.
  • Len Greehalgh/ Jim Crittenden’s 1969 A/Sedan Penske Camaro. (In 1975, Crittenden was the SCCA A/Sedan National Champion)
  • Bill Prout’s Formula/B March 705
  • Gil Reed’s D/Production TR4
  • Miles Collier’s E/Production 356 Porsche Speedster

Anton campaigned the car from 1973 to 1975 and then donated it to PBS for an auction in the spring of 1976. At the time it was the largest gift to PBS for an auction. Sylvan Cornblatt of Baltimore, Maryland purchased it. He campaigned the Corvette through 1985 at which time Cornblatt had a fiery crash at Summit Point, West Virginia. It was then hauled to a field behind Tim Sprinkle’s Mechanicsberg Sports Car Shop in Pennsylvania and forgotten for ten years.

Anton had been searching for Cornblatt and the Corvette for five years. Cornblatt who had retired to the British Virgin Islands maintained a telephone listing in Baltimore where his son lived. Previous attempts at reaching Cornblatt had been unsuccessful, but on one fateful day in January, 1995, Anton found him home in Baltimore. The Corvette was within two weeks of being hauled to the dump as Mechanicsberg had lost its lease on the property. Anton arranged a quick trip to Pennsylvania and found the skeleton-remains of his award-winning car with weeds growing through it.

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He bought the remains and brought it back home to Massachusetts where the long and arduous task of rebuilding started. With the able assistance of Greg Bailey, Bob Bruneau, Steve Chmura and Paul Serafin of Wizard Auto Body, the car was re-built over a two-year period. It was authenticated and certified by the SVRA and first raced at the Pocono on August 1, 1996.





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